Judy Collins preforming at the Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival in 2013

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons WFUV

BPR: Judy Collins, Brand Loyalty, And All Revved Up

November 9, 2015
  • Ongoing investigations suggest that a bomb was likely what caused the Russian plane to go down over Egypt. Charlie Sennott from the GroundTruth Project called in to discuss this incident and the Israeli Prime Minister's trip to the White House. 
  • After all the build up, the Trump hosted SNL finally aired Saturday. Founding director of the Blyer Center for Television and Popular Culture Bob Thompson weighed in on how the presidential candidate did.
  • Charles Chieppo of Chieppio Strategies and Former State Treasurer Shannon O’Brien joined us to talk about the 2016 presidential campaign.
  • Legendary singer-songwriter Judy Collins was in the studio to discuss her new album Strangers Again.
  • Harvard Business School Professor Mike Norton was on hand to discuss how flirting can make us appreciate what we love even more. 
  • We opened the lines to hear what brands you are loyal to. 
  • Reverend’s Irene Monroe and Emmett Price talked about University of Missouri President Thomas Wolfe's resignation today in another edition of All Revved Up.  

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