Worried about effects of man-made climate change? This week the federal government issued a report on immediate threats to the environment in the US, and what can be done about it.

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BPR: John King, Prayer At Public Meetings, Oyster Farms, Chris Collins, Nancy Koehn

May 6, 2014
  • CNN's John King — host of Inside Politics — joined Jim and Margery for his regular Tuesday segment. King looked at Pres. Obama's new push on climate change, on the heels of a new federal report about the dangers to the US and the rest of the world. (Starts at 1:00)
  • The Supreme Court ruled Monday that it's okay to have a prayer during a public meeting. Where do you come down on this — is it a tradition worth upholding? A quick, inoffensive gesture? Or does it violate church-state separation? (Starts at 28:15)
  • Richard Cook has tried to open an oyster farm off Popponesset Island since 2011. The Mass. House has put an amendment in the state budget proposal specifically forbidding him to do so. The move is seen as an appeasement to wealthy homeowners near the site of the proposed farm — homeowners like Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Is this an example of special interest run amok? Do you buy lawmakers' claims that there are environmental concerns? (Starts at 51:07)
  • Sportswriter Chris Collins talked about the Bruins playoff performance, and former Celtics Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers all battling it out in NBA playoffs. (Starts at 1:13:44)
  • Harvard Business School historian Nancy Koehn talked about the legal tightrope Steve Jobs walked as Apple CEO. Koehn is the author of Ernest Shackleton Exploring Leadership. (Starts at 1:28:09)

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