A week after Ireland's historic referendum, we post game with one of its leaders, Senator David Norris.

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BPR: Irish Love, Octopus Legs, And The BPR Book Club

May 28, 2015
  • We open our show with David Norris, Irish Senator and gay and civil rights activist responsible for decriminalizing homosexuality in Ireland and paved the way for last week's referendum legalizing same-sex marriage. >>Read more here.
  • Then we check in with you about Dias Kadyrbayev's sentencing. Does he deserve to spend seven additional years in prison for removing evidence from Tsarnaev's dorm room?
  • Andrea Cabral joins us to sort through the FIFA arrests, how to curtail incarceration, and dress codes for convicts with addiction problems.
  • Sy Montgomery stop by to share stories behind her new book about the octopus. We fell in love. Will you?  >>Read more here.
  • Kara Miller stops by to talk about the future of war, how drones might effect our military future. 
  • Alex Beam launches BPR book club. We're starting with Barefoot, and we're hosting our first conversation June 25, 205.  >>Read more here
  • Jared Bowen reviews incredible local theatre and museum exhibits, plus a handful of new movies.

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