Battle of the Bookers

Credit: Brendan Lynch / WGBH

BPR Friday, 9 August 2013

August 9, 2013

Finding two people to come into our studio is typically an easy thing to do. This Friday, however, proved to be a challenge. Since we failed to find two notable locals who could do our Friday news quiz  our resourceful bookers booked themselves. (talk about fast tracking the 20 foot walk from stardom to center stage)

Taking on this week's headlines are Greater Boston producer Azita Ghahramani  and Boston Public Radio producer Will Roseliep.

Today's show also featured

  • Rep Dan Winslow's three-pronged approach to reducing the cost of college education
  • Social networking and social media expert Sinan Aral  on the inflation of online ratings
  • Callie Crossley's look at the stories that went under the RADAR
  • Emily Rooney on Open Mic . She also brought along Emily's List-- a compilation of her latest gripes and observations

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