A Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 landing at Hong Kong International Airport.

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BPR: Flight 370 Coverage, Brian McGrory, Art Caplan, Frontline On TB, Later School Starts

March 19, 2014
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the coverage of the missing Malaysian Air flight 370? Jim and Margery asked listeners if they appreciate wall-to-wall coverage — even when it risks heading into aimless speculation. (Starts at 1:00)
  • Brian McGrory — Boston Globe editor — talked about his paper's coverage of Mayor Menino's cancer announcement. (Starts at 29:38)
  • Continuing McGrory's conversation, Art Caplan talked about whether our public officials should be forthcoming about illnesses during and after they leave office. What's the public's right to know? Art Caplan is a medical ethicist, and head of NYU's Langone Center for Medical Ethics. (Starts at 52:40)
  • Filmmaker Jezza Neumann joined Jim and Margery to talk about his new FRONTLINE feature on tuberculosis. Once thought to be on the wane, TB is improbably the second-most common cause of death from an infection worldwide. Preview "TB: The Silent Killer" here. (Starts at 1:15:16)
  • Studies show that when school kids get more sleep they do better in school. Why aren't we starting the school day later? Jim and Margery polled listeners about their willingness to do just that. (Starts at 1:35:00)

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