Ready to spring forward this weekend? Daylight saving adds extra daylight in the evening, but also shorts us of a weekend hour while messing with our internal clocks.

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BPR: Daylight Saving, Callie Crossley, Emily Rooney, 'Spy Vs. Spy' News Quiz

March 7, 2014
  • Daylight saving: ready to spring forward? Jim and Margery talked about the take-an-hour, lose-an-hour biannual phenomenon. Edgar B. Herwick III of WGBH's Curiosity Desk brought Jim, Margery and callers up to speed on daylight saving. (Starts at 1:06)
  • Callie Crossley stopped by Studio Three to talk with Jim and Margery about her Sunday Under the Radar show. (Starts at 32:20)
  • Emily Rooney offered another edition of Emily's List. Emily hosts Greater Boston and Beat the Press. (Starts at 59:33)
  • The Friday News Quiz was a special "Spy Vs. Spy" edition. John DiNatale took on Sarah Alcorn to achieve trivia supremacy. (Starts at 1:27:53)

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