Boston Police Commissioner William Evans joined Jim and Margery in Studio Three for his first interview on BPR.

Credit: Will Roseliep / WGBH News

BPR: Commissioner William Evans, Politics, Staycations, All Revved Up, TV Bob Thompson

February 17, 2014

"I wore the uniform for 33 years. Hardest part of this new job is finding an outfit every day."

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans joined Jim Braude and Margery Eagan for his first BPR interview. Jim and Margery asked Evans about gun violence on Boston streets, security for the upcoming Boston Marathon, and what it's like to wear civilian clothes on the job for the first time in 33 years.

>> For background on what Jim and Margery talked to Evans about, WGBH's "Basic Black" talked about the lingering effects of violence in Boston. WGBH senior investigative reporter Phillip Martin also looked at violence on Boston's Blue Hill Avenue.

Also on BPR:

  • WGBH contributor David Bernstein and UMass professor Erin O'Brien joined Jim and Margery for BPR's Monday politics segment, . They talked about former Gov. Mitt Romney's comments about the Clintons, and the Mass. governor's race.
  • Do you vacations or staycations? On this Presidents Day weekend, Jim and Margery asked listeners about their preferences when it comes to time away from work.
  • All Revved Up! Revs. Emmett Price and Irene Monroe joined Jim and Margery for their regular Monday segment. Price is an associate professor of music at Northeastern University, and Monroe is a syndicated religion columnist who blogs for the Huffington Post. They talked about ways to create more lasting effects from Black History Month.
  • Bob Thompson talked about the season two premiere of Netflix's "House of Cards." Bob Thompson is the director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University.

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