BPR: Comment Trolls, Charlie Baker, Underage Drinking, Unhappy? There's An App for That

May 28, 2013
  • CNN's John King spoke with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan, as he does every Tuesday at noon. The O.F.D. (Originally From Dorchester) talked about Oklahoma's tornado recovery and DC politics. 
  • When Jim and Margery perused the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe online today, they found some pretty nasty comments on stories about Mayor Menino's prostate surgery. There's scientific research that shows that people are ruder, angrier, and more unreasonable when they are online, so we wondered... why do people do it? Is this robust free speech, or bad behavior? 
  • Have you allowed underage drinking in your home? The arrest of 17 teenagers in Hingham for underage drinking over the weekend served as a reminder of the state's social host liability laws. 
  • Open Mic with former Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker
  • Don't worry. Be appy. A new study says being on Facebook puts people in bad mood, but luckily there's an electronic antidote to that. Jim and Margery spoke with Nataly Kogan, the co-founder of Happier, Inc.- an app aimed at boosting your happiness. 
  • Jim and Margery some with a self-describer mechanic, mystic, and inventor of the Motion Reaction Machine. Spiritual and visionary artist Mahmood Rezaei Kamalabad joined Boston Public Radio to talk about his art and his life's work. 

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