BPR: CNN's John King on Reporting Error, Boylston Back To Business, Monday's Senate Debate

April 23, 2013
  • After wall-to-wall coverage of last week's Marathon bombing, CNN's John King joined Jim and Margery to talk through the difficulty of covering rapidly-unfolding events.
  • You're being watched — are you cool with constant video surveillance? Security cameras proved their worth in identifying Marathon bombing suspects. Does Boston need more cameras?
  • Business owners on Boylston Street were allowed back in their shops Tuesday. We talk about the difficulties of getting commerce up and running again.
  • Did you snooze on last night's Massachusetts Senate debate? WGBH's Peter Kadzis didn't. Kadzis talked with Jim and Margery about the face off between Dem opponents Rep. Stephen Lynch and Rep. Ed Markey.
  • How did you track your news as last week's events unfolded? Television, Twitter, Facebook and radio (WGBH radio, of course)? Have you reached your media saturation point? When did you know you had to turn everything off?

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