Gov. Deval Patrick joined Jim and Margery for his monthly segment, Ask The Gov.

BPR: Ask The Gov, Robot Love, Emily Rooney, Callie Crossley

February 21, 2014

GovDeval Patrick joined Jim Braude and Margery Eagan for his monthly "Ask the Gov" segment on BPR. Patrick addressed DCF, medical marijuana licensing, minimum wage, and whether he'd be reelected as governor if he ran again.

 (Interview starts at 59:30.)

Also on BPR:

  • Callie Crossley previewed her Under the Radar show, and talked about airport security.
  • Love and robots — ready to take your relationship with your Roomba to the next level? Jim and Margery opened the lines to hear whether listeners were ready for some human-robot love. (More: listen to Alex Beam discuss this on Thursday's BPR.)
  • Emily Rooney offered up another installment of Emily's List -- this one a Palm Beach edition.

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