Today we review some silent film. April Fools!

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BPR: April Fools And Silent Films

April 1, 2015
  • Shirley Leung and Joan Venochi present dueling Olympics opinions in the Globe. We check in with you, are you frustrated with the leadership or with the cynics?
  • Brian McGrory weighs in on the DCF and shares his take on the dueling Globe articles. [28:37] 
  • Juliette Kayyem shares her take on the Germanwings crash, weighs in on the ongoing nuclear negotiations in Iran and helps us understand the new MBTA report. >>Read more here. [53:12]
  • Art Caplan joins us to discuss mental health screenings for pilots in light of the Germanwings crash, debunk some medical lore, and why people get MRIs for back pain instead of physical therapy. >>Read more here [1:20:28]
  • It's April Fools, we talk to you about your best (and worst) pranks! [1:44:22]
  • Sue O'Connell shares her take on the new anti-LGBT law in Indiana, the Going Clear Scientology documentary, and why she can't get enough of her new diet. [2:05:27]
  • Finally, this April Fools we celebrate silent films with our critic Garen Daly.  >>Read more here OR >>Download our podcast.

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