BPR: Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton on Boston Strong Show, Leg Transplants, Chris Lydon

May 30, 2013
  • Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton spoke with Jim and Margery about tonight's Boston Strong Benefit show at the Garden. Don't have tickets? We'll be streaming it live here beginning at 7pm.
  • Dr. Bodhan Pomahac made headlines when he performed some of the first face transplants in the United States at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Recently, the hospital approved a leg transplant- a procedure that, in theory, could help some of the Boston bombing victims who are double amputees.
  • Has throwing the first pitch lost it's luster?
  • Open Mic with Christopher Lydon
  • Accessing the Internet with contact lenses, using MRIs instead of polygraphs in court cases, detecting cancer with mirrors- WGBH's Innovation Hub host Kara Miller sat down with Jim and Margery to talk about what life might look like in the not too distant future.

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