On Wednesday, Netflix released the trailer for their forthcoming documentary about the presidential campaign of former Gov. Mitt Romney. Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam talked about how it humanized Romney.

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Boston Globe Columnist Alex Beam On Former Gov. Mitt Romney, And Gov. Candidate Juliette Kayyem

December 19, 2013

Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam joined Jim and Margery on "Boston Public Radio" as Thursday's Open Mic guest. Beam talked about the forthcoming Netflix documentary on former Gov. Mitt Romney, former Homeland Security official Juliette Kayyem's run for governor, and why he reserves the to contradict himself in print.

Selected quotes from the interview are below, as is the entire BPR interview with Alex Beam.

On Netflix's documentary, "Mitt."

  • "Did the cool kids know the Romneys were being shadowed by someone with a camera?"
  • "I felt Romney was made out to be a heartless rhymes-with-mick" in the 2012 campaign.
  • "This was an election [where] his idiot lieutenants had built him up to expect a different message."
  • "This [image of Romney] was not put forward during the critical weeks and months of the campaign. He was very much on guard."

On his new column, "Switching Sides — Why Not?"

  • "Everything I've written about Harvard [University] has turned out to be untrue."
  • "[The Eagles'] Don Henley came in here to raise money to get [rid] of this toxic waste dump ... a plot of land that literally was a waste dump across Route 2 from Walden Pond ... that night, Henley denounced me from the stage" with the song "Dirty Laundry."
  • "Then this guy took me on this amazing walk" out by Walden Pond. "It's very, very moving."
  • I'll still write "anything that really irks Globe readers where they live — my passionate condemnation of Elizabeth Warren, for example." He added, "By the way, public radio is another subject I'm not switching sides on."

On Juliette Kayyem's run for governor.

  • "I don't know her, I've never shaken her hand. My colleagues speak pretty highly of her." 
  • "I wrote a column urging that her husband be stripped of his tenure, as coauthor of the  'Assassination Memo' in the Obama administration."
  • Massachusetts Treasurer Steve Grossman "is just laughable to me. I know we all like Martha Coakley. But Juliette's a different generation. She brings a different wattage."
  • "[Sen.] Warren's victory over [Sen.] Scott Brown was so decisive that I'm now convinced there's some sort of weird knowledge-slash-elixir at the Harvard Law School."
  • Juliette Kayyem supporter, actor Ted Danson, "is about the most ridiculous person on the planet."
  • "She's really got to decapitate [Attorney General] Coakley ... in a debate. She has to knock this woman down."
  • "Do [Democrats] want to lose gracefully with [A.G.] Coakley to a supercharged Charlie Baker?"

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