Congressman Bill Keating campaigning in 2012.

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Bill Keating Is Still Mulling Over The Iran Deal

August 4, 2015

Congressman Bill Keating joined Jim Braude and Margery Eagan to discuss his thoughts on the Obama Administration's Iran nuclear deal, a Congressional action on immigration, and losing power on the Cape. Highlights included:

  • On the Iran deal: "I'm in a situation where I've asked questions and people paid attention at foreign affairs committee hearings, and I've always been arguing in the alternative, trying to get convincing answers about 'if we don't act, what are we going to do?' This is an important issue for people listening to understand. There's the issue of the agreement itself, and what's in the four corners of that agreement. But it means nothing unless you're looking at the context. It's not just the content of the agreement. It's the context in which the agreement is being held."
  • Is he learning toward voting 'yes' on the deal? "It's one that I'm still open-minded towards hearing how people in my own district want to address that."
  • What happens if the deal fails? "The general consensus, I think, without any major exception, is that people believe currently Iran in the last year has been two, three months away from nuclear capability. If that's the case and this falls apart, I've asked the question: if we go back, and we can go back and get people back at the table, won't we then be dealing with an Iran that has nuclear capability and how are we then going to get a better deal under those circumstances?...If this falls apart, one of the concerns is we can't reconstitute any kind of dialog, and if we can we're going to be at a much more difficult negotiations standpoint, and we might be in the position where we're doing it alone."

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