Election night was one of our favorite stories of 2012.

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The Best of 2012's 'Best of' Lists

December 31, 2012

So you're not tired of "Best of 2012" and "Year in Review" lists yet? Glad to hear it!

Click through the slideshow below to take a look at the best of our year end articles — make sure you use the zoom buttons on the right side of the screen to see the whole picture. We've even included a few non-WGBH lists that we wish we could have made ourselves.

It's that time of year for list-making and reflection, so we thought we'd get a little meta and create a list of our favorite lists. Here goes:

  • The best words of the year: We're word nerds — and that shouldn't be surprising. Our Boston Public Radio staff spent some time with Miriam Webster dictionary's editor, Peter Sokolowski, to brainstorm the best words that describe 2012
    >>The Words That Defined 2012 (WGBH News)
  • Best cook books: Isn't 'cooking more' always a New Year's resolution staple? Here's a handy guide that might help you get stirring in the kitchen.
    >>The Best Cook Books of 2012 (WGBH News)
  • Odd animal happenings: Wildlife and people mingling could have been a bear this year, but it seems that there were relatively few catastrophes.
    >>Cape Cod Bear Among Odd New England News (AP)
  • Best albums: The Boston Globe's very comprehensive list on all things music. Featuring the likes of Norah Jones, Frank Ocean and others.
    Read on: "Our picks for the year’s best albums come from the tip-top of the charts and the very edges of the underground, representing rock, folk, electronic, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, classical, world music, and all the hybrids in between."
    >>Best albums of 2012 (The Boston Globe)
  • Best books in general: We talked to local authors and book-sellers who shared their favorite books of the year.
    >>Greater Boston's Picks: Best Books of 2012 (WGBH News)
  • A year in film: "American history has gotten the tinsel town treatment, from the Civil War in Lincoln to slavery in Django Unchained and to the War on Terror in Zero Dark Thirty."
    >>A Year In Film (WGBH News)

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