Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joined Jim and Margery for his monthly Ask the Mayor segment.

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'Ask The Mayor' With Marty Walsh

April 25, 2014

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joined Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on Boston Public Radio for his monthly "Ask the Mayor" segment. Walsh talked about an appointment within his administration, a new firefighters' contract, and racial, ethnic and gender diversity in city hiring.

Walsh announces Boston's new Chief Financial Officer

Mayor Walsh announced David Sweeney, former CFO of the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission, would serve as the next CFO of the city of Boston. Walsh touted Sweeney's appointment as an integral part of maintaining fiscal prudence in Boston.

"I don't need 'yes people' when it comes to the money in the city," he said.

Sweeney will oversee the Assessing, Auditing, Budget, Purchasing, Treasury and Registry Departments, according to a release from Walsh's office.

Arbitration on firefighter contract

Walsh defended the new proposal for a firefighters' contract released today by his office, which includes an 18.8 percent pay raise over six years.

"If you compare it to the last agreement, it's 35 percent versus 18.8 percent," Walsh said. "That's a huge difference."

Walsh faced criticism during his campaign that his previous stint as a labor leader would compromise his ability to negotiate with unions, a charge he rejected.

"If I govern it like that, that means everything I've done or said I have to compare that to something that's happened in the past. You just have to do the job," he said.

On criticism over diversity in Boston municipal employees

Walsh responded to his administration's decision not to release information about the diversity of municipal employees, citing logistical problems about the way that information is collected. While some departments allow employees to self-identify their race, gender and ethnicity, Walsh maintained that other departments collected that information via "visual assessment" — a policy he described as "insulting."

Walsh said the city was currently streamlining the process across all departments. "We are going to bring us in line with what the government requires," he said.

To hear more from Mayor Walsh's appearance on Boston Public Radio, listen to the interview below.

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