Crowds gather outside the Boylston St. Station, where two MBTA trains collided on Nov. 29.

Credit: Anne Mostue / WGBH

37 Sent to Hospital in MBTA Green Line Collision

November 29, 2012

A 2-train collision at the Boylston St. MBTA station sent 37 people to the hospital on Thursday. Several patients complained of head and neck pain and were immobilized, according to Boston Emergency Medical Services.

There are conflicting accounts as to how fast the train was moving and how serious the collision was. One passenger, 21-year-old Emily Frachtling of Cambridge, said the train did not slow as it entered the station from Park Street. She said she was looking from the rear out the front window and braced herself for the impact. Frachtling was not injured.

But MBTA officials are calling it a low-impact collision that did not result in any derailment or damage to either train. They say it's unclear why the moving trolley struck the stationary trolley. Joseph O'Connor, the Superintendent-in-Chief of the MBTA, describes it as more of a fender-bender.

“There was one train on the platform, another 2-car train coming into the station made contact with the other vehicle and as the chief mentioned there was no derailment, no damage on the exterior of the cars,” O'Connor says.

The station was closed for more than an hour as fire and EMS officials responded to the scene. All of the 37 people affected were on the trains. No one on the platform was injured, according to the MBTA.

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