Ted Canova

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Ted Canova's career has gone full circle with Boston at its center. After graduating from Emerson College, Ted has built a distinguished career leading newsrooms and elevating investigative, long-form and computer-assisted reporting. His passion, curiosity and creativity have helped colleagues produce "agenda-setting" journalism that, in turn, has created stronger community connections.

As a reporter, Ted covered major New England stories from the New Hampshire primary to the Challenger explosion. His vision as a news manager began in the early '90s when he embraced the internet's role in journalism. As a community leader, Ted led the communications outreach for the Red Cross after a Minnesota bridge collapsed in 2007, killing 13 people. His community commitment is further seen in the internet radio program he created and hosted, JobTalkAmerica, to help people find jobs.

Ted has been a public speaker in the community and at national conferences. He's taught aspiring journalists in his role as adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota. In his free time, Ted is a musician, an athlete and a volunteer. When he's on the sidelines, it's usually to watch his son play college basketball in New England. 


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