Hurricane Irma weakens to a tropical storm as it continues its path north

As Hurricane Irma Weakens, More Help Arrives From Massachusetts

September 11, 2017

Massachusetts is pitching in to help bring relief to the millions of Floridians enduring the punches of Hurricane Irma, which is now a tropical storm. Nearly six million people there are without power. Chris Besse, spokesman for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, says they've deployed two teams to Florida. A three-person team will work out of one of Florida's emergency operation centers. Another team of nine nurses from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is also heading south to provide medical assistance at storm shelters. Two additional teams, a group of first responders and a nineteen person press support group, are also heading to contributing to relief efforts.

Click on the audio link above to listen to the entire interview between Chris Besse and WGBH's Morning Edition anchor Joe Mathieu.

Correction: An earlier version of this story spelled Chris' last name "Bessy." The correct spelling is "Chris Besse."



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