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Are President Donald Trump And Military Leaders Split On Charlottesville Violence?

August 17, 2017

Along with title of "president," here in the US, comes that of "commander in chief." But while President Donald Trump has attributed blame for the events in Charlottesville to “both sides” of protesters, the heads of the Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce and National Guard all took to Twitter to condemn racism and extremism in no uncertain terms.

Defense Secretary General James Mattis backed up that condemnationtoday, telling reporters the military leaders were “simply emphasizing on the battle field we are one team.” So is it as Mattis says? Or is there a growing divide between the commanders and the commander in chief?

State Representative Harold Naughton — a Democrat from Clinton, who's also a Major in the Army Reserve and an army JAG who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan — and Major Matthew McKnight, a former active duty Marine who served in Iraq, joined Jim Braude on Greater Boston to discuss.

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