What is the sound of silence? We asked you if you enjoy moments of solitude or does the absence of sound give you anxiety.

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BPR 08/10: Full Show Post

August 10, 2017
  • Chuck Todd, from NBC's Meet The Press, gave us his thoughts on President Donald Trump's latest threats against North Korea. 
  • Congressman Bill Keating continued our conversation about Trump's threats toward North Korea. 
  • Former Secretary of Education Paul Reville discussed the  Department of Justice's plans to investigate the affirmative action policies of colleges and universities. 
  • This week, a white cop pulled over a black driver for speeding and pointed a gun at the unarmed driver for over nine minutes. Former Suffolk County Sheriff and Secretary of Public Safety Andrea Cabral joined us to talk about this latest example of police brutality. 
  • Game show host and musician John Davidson was in the studio to talk about his starring role in the musical Finding Neverland
  • Alex Beam explained the anatomy of the Narwhal.
  • We opened the lines to get your thoughts on silence. Do you like the solitude of it or does the absence of noise give you anxiety? 
  • WCRB’s Brian McCreath and Ron Della Chiesa talked to us from Tanglewood. 

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