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42nd Street (top left), American Moor (bottom left), Finding Neverland (right)

Credit: Pete O'Farrell/Reagle Music Theatre; Gerry Goodstein/American Moor; Carol Rosegg/Finding Neverland

Arts This Week: '42nd Street,' 'American Moor,' 'Finding Neverland'

August 10, 2017

This week, Jared's takes you to the theater with reviews of "42nd Street," "American Moor," and "Finding Neverland."

42nd Streetpresented by Reagle Music Theatre in Waltham, MA through August 13

James Darrah and the cast of "42nd Street" perform "We're in the Money"
Photo Credit: Pete O'Farrell / courtesy of Reagle Music Theatre

The show must go on at Reagle Music Theatre. Following the last-minute replacement of Dukes of Hazzard star Tom Wopat, Reagle's "42nd Street" has rallied in spectacular fashion. Life imitates art in this story about a theater ensemble determined to overcome adversity to make a Broadway hit. Rachel York stars in the musical filled with spectacular singing, electrifying dance numbers, and stellar performances from a cast that's ready for the big time.

Jared Says: "Reagle accepted that the show must go on and, ironically, produced a musical with glorious, rousing and showstopping numbers."

American Moor, presented by O.W.I. (Bureau of Theatre) and Phoenix Theatre Ensemble at the BCA Plaza Theatre through August 12

Keith Hamilton Cobb writes and stars in "American Moor"
Photo Credit: C. Stanley Photography / courtesy of American Moor

Performed and written by television and theater star Keith Hamilton Cobb, "American Moor" is a deeply personal tale of internal conflict, racial inequality, and passion for Shakespeare. This one-man play takes audiences inside the audition room, where Cobb is set to audition to play the titular character in Shakespeare's "Othello." But first, he must contend with the white director's myopic take on the character.

Jared Says: "A story so agonizingly personal and universal, you'll want to march out and correct the world."

Christine Dwyer & Billy Harrigan Tighe star as as Sylvia Llewelyn Davies & J.M. Barrie in "Finding Neverland"
Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg / courtesy of Finding Neverland

Finding Neverlandpresented by Broadway in Boston at the Boston Opera House though August 20

Peter Pan is getting a homecoming! The touring production of the Broadway musical "Finding Neverland" has made its way to the Boston Opera House. Directed by the Tony-winning Diane Paulus (who also serves as the artistic director of the American Repertory Theater), "Finding Neverland" tells the heartwarming story of playwright J.M. Barrie as he finds inspiration for "Peter Pan" in a widow and her four adventurous young boys. The play -- which premiered at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge -- gets the full Broadway treatment, whisking audiences away to a land where childhood lasts forever.

Jared Says: "Neverland offers a landscape lush with the fruits of imagination and creativity."

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