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BPR Full Show Post 8/8/17: The Path Of Totality

August 8, 2017
  • While President Trump just reached the 200-day mark of his presidency, members of his own party — including his vice president, already have their sights on 2020. But given the intensity of the Russia probe could the presidency come to Pence well before the election gets underway. Joe Malone and Jennifer Nassour, the former Chair of the Mass GOP and the founder and President of Conservative Women for a Better Future, joined us to discuss.
  • In September Tom Brady will release his latest book, "The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance." The publisher is marketing it as an "athlete's bible" for exercising, which will reveal Brady’s revolutionary approach to sustained peak performance for athletes of all kinds and all ages.” But does anything that Brady does — be it his diet rich in grains, his daily massages, the meditation — matter if he’s had concussions? Last year Giselle Bundchen said that Tom Brady has had concussions. Last Friday when asked about this, Tom Brady dodged the question. We opened the lines to ask you — if he’s promoting healthy living and well being, and making a business empire along the way, should he also be talking about one of the most common and consequential injuries in football?  
  • Astronomers are calling the upcoming astronomical event the Great American Eclipse. Even though the last one happened in 1979, and the next one is due in 2024, this year’s is really a once in a lifetime event. Kelly Beatty, the Senior Editor at Sky and Telescope Magazine, joined us to explain why.
  • Can the president be effective if he can’t rally members of his own party? That’s the subject of Matt Viser’s latest reporting on Trump and the GOP. Viser is the Deputy Washington Bureau Chief of the Boston Globe.
  • Sue O’Connell is the Co-publisher of Bay Windows and the South End News. O’Connell joined us for her take on social norms and abnormalities.
  • At 96-years-old, after 70 years of service, Prince Philip is retiring from his public duties. And as someone whose life spans nearly a century, what he means to people is a jumble: He’s the king of political incorrectness, he’s the dutiful husband, he’s a war hero, he’s an innovator, he’s a scoundrel, he’s the man who cuts ribbons and unveils plaques, he’s the ambassador of a bygone era. Historian Nancy Koehn joined us to give a full picture of Prince Philip and to talk about his legacy and what his retirement means.
  • Could someone pay you to go to the gym? According to a new study, financial incentives do not work as a motivator to get people to work out. Even the double reward of getting money and doing something that’s good for you is not enough. When researchers offered new gym members $30, $60 or a gift worth about $30 for going to the gym nine times in six weeks, attendance increased only slightly. On average, participants said they planned to exercise three times a week. Instead of three times, they went twice in the first week and were down to once a week by the end of the second month. We opened the lines to ask you: what does it take you to get motivated to go to the gym? Or to exercise? To get those 15,000 steps done a week?

NOTE: Next Wednesday our cinema classic challenge is “The Right Stuff.” We’re asking you if it still holds up.

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