Wines in cans and a tube; a lobster roll from Row 34.

Credit: Photos courtesy of Andrea Asuaje and Row 34 and WGBH's "Craving Boston"

Summertime Eats: Lobster Rolls, Aromatic Snacks And Wine In A Tube

July 21, 2017

Can you tell the difference between wine in a bottle, a box, a can or a tube? Callie and our experts agree: It's all good! Our food and wine gurus give us the low-down on what to eat and drink this summer, including where to find the tastiest lobster rolls in Boston and a healthier snack alternative to munch on while we binge-watch Netflix.


Amy's favorite lobster roll in Boston is at Row 34. Check them out on Facebook, and check out her lobster roll story in this month's issue of Yankee Magazine.

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