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Dukakis On The Trump Administration: 'It's Worse Than I Thought It Would Be'

July 12, 2017

“It’s worse than I thought it would be,” former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis said about the Trump presidency, when he joined Jim Braude on Greater Boston Wednesday.

Dukakis cited the current health care debate as well as the controversy over Donald Trump Jr.’s recent email exchange with a music publicist promising information from the Russian government that could have damaged the Clinton campaign. A self-proclaimed minimizer of the “Russian thing,” Dukakis acknowledged the troubling nature of the email revelations.

“If they didn’t understand that meeting was, in effect, was a representative of the Russian government, who — at least they were told — was prepared to give them the dirt on Hillary," he said, "if they didn’t understand that that was a very serious thing, then there is something fundamentally wrong with them.”

Moving forward, Dukakis cautioned Democrats in Washington to avoid the pitfalls of partisan attacks.

“It’s got to be a strong, positive message," he said. "It’s got to be a 50-state campaign, we’ve got to get out of this red/blue narrative.”

To watch Michael Dukakis' full interview, in which he also discusses infrastructure improvement plans and the push for the North South Rail Link, click on the video link above. 

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