People stream onto the beach at Island Beach State Park after it reopened at 8 in the morning Tuesday, July 4, 2017, in Seaside Park, N.J. New Jersey's budget stalemate between Republican Gov. Chris Christie and the Democrat-controlled Legislature had resulted with the state government shut down and state parks closed to the public until late Monday night, just in time for the Fourth of July.

Credit: AP Photo/Mel Evans

BPR Full Show Post: 7/5/17

July 5, 2017
  • First, we opened up the lines to ask you: in the wake of Chris Christie’s beach snafu and President Donald Trump’s recent Twitter tirades — is there a leadership crisis in America? From the Democrats to the Republicans, are we a nation adrift? Or are you finding leadership on the state level? Or city level?
  • Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory joins us for his take on President Trump’s latest assault on the press.
  • Sarah Palin famously said she could see Russia from her window. If North Korea’s claims about its latest missile launch are true, Sarah Palin might also able to see a North Korean ICBM from her window. Some experts say given the flight time and height of the missile test, Alaska could be within striking distance. National security expert Juliette Kayyem joined us for her take on how worried we should be — and how the international response to this could play out.
  • While President Trump is urging Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act now and replace it later, which would kick about 18 million Americans off of health coverage in the first year — he’s offering to help a British couple and their critically ill baby get treated in the United states. Is the President’s moral compass completely scrambled when it comes to health care? Medical ethicist Art Caplan joined us to take on this and other headlines.
  • It was the ruling heard ‘round the world: The Supreme Court is temporarily lifting the legal blocks on President Trump’s travel ban. It has also agreed to review the case this fall. Here with us in studio three to go over this and to do a wrap-up of the court’s year is Renée M. Landers. She’s a Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Health and Biomedical Law Concentration at Suffolk University Law School.
  • In the latest episode of Jersey Shore, Gov. Chris Christie defies the laws of astrophysics, proving that the sun revolves around him. CNN’s John King, the anchor of Inside Politics, joins us for this and other political news headlines.
  • We took an informal survey, asking how many of you had to turn up at work today hung over or sleep deprived because of Boston’s late night fireworks spectacular. If you did, we have a proposition for you: Instead of doing the fireworks on the Fourth, why not do them on July 3 so that people could sleep in on the Fourth, the day that just about everyone has off? 

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