FULL SHOW: Classified?, 'Out of Line,' H.E.R.O. Walk, Arbitrary Ageism

May 16, 2017

Another day, another call for investigations about just what exactly is going on in the White House. Last night, the Washington Post reported Donald Trump shared classified information with Russian diplomats during an oval office meeting. Despite assurances from Trump and his national security adviser General H.R. McMaster that the interaction was appropriate,  lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling on Trump to release any transcripts or tapes that exist from that oval office meeting. The situation is doing nothing to quell the uproar from last week, after Donald Trump fired the man who was in charge of investigating possible Trump ties to Russia, James Comey — a move some believe is grounds for impeachment. Former U.S. attorney Michael Sullivan, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, and retired Supreme Judicial Court Judge Fernande Duffly, who sits on the legal advisory board of the group “Impeach Trump Now,” joined Jim Braude to discuss.

There’s no exact recipe for success in the cut-throat culinary industry and growing up with James “Whitey” Bulger as your neighbor hardly seems like it would help. In fact, when Barbara Lynch was a kid living in Southie, the only thing she was stirring up was trouble — like the time she stole a bus when she was thirteen years old. Through it all, Lynch – or “knuckles Lynch” as the kids called her – learned to be a survivor and has since become the secret sauce behind several acclaimed restaurants in Boston including, No. 9 Park and Drink, not to mention two James Beard Awards. Lynch joined Jim to discuss her new memoir “Out of Line: A life of playing with fire.”

As the weather gets warmer, Boston often sees an increase in violence — and many of the crimes are among young people. One mother is trying to change that by exposing people to the outdoors. Her name is Judith Foster, and she is the woman behind the HERO mission.

Jim’s thoughts on politicians meddling where they shouldn't and refusing to meddle where they should.

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