SimpleFuel hydrogen refueler with a Hyundai Tucson fuel-cell electric vehicle.

Credit: Photo provided by Chris O'Brien and Ivys Energy Solutions.

The Future Is Now: Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Electric Cars In Massachusetts

April 21, 2017

Could hydrogen-powered cars be the way for our country to break its dependence on fossil fuels, create its own local fuel and commit to zero-emission transportation? How do these vehicles work, and will they become as common on the road as hybrid and battery-powered electric? We discuss these space-age cars with two local experts.


-Chris O'Brien, the chief technology officer of Ivys Energy Solutions, a Boston start-up that helped to create a hydrogen generator and dispenser called SimpleFuel.

- Charlie Myers, president of the Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition. The Coalition represents the hydrogen, fuel-cell and related industries in Massachusetts.

Ivys Energy Solutions is part of Greentown Labs in Somerville -- the largest clean-tech start-up incubator in the United States. Ivys Energy Solutions will be setting up a SimpleFuel station with a fleet of hydrogen fuel-cell electric cars later this year at Greentown Labs.

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