Immigration arrests are shaking things up in local communities.

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Lawyer Speaks Out On Immigrant Arrests in Lawrence

April 3, 2017

Five undocumented immigrants were arrested in Lawrence last week by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They were heading to scheduled interviews with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office to begin the process of obtaining green cards.
Attorneys from the New England Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyer's Association are representing two of the five arrested, one of whom is the mother of U.S. born children. 
According to Susan Church, who leads the organization, the arrests are having a chilling effect in the immigrant community.

"The idea that this is how we're going to get after the 'bad hombres' that the president suggested his new priorities would get after is laughable," said Church. "This is what happens when ICE does not have priorities. This is what happens when they go after everyone and anything that they can find."

Church spoke with WGBH's All Things Considered host Barbara Howard about the arrests and their impact.
Click the audio link above to hear the entire interview with Susan Church.

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