WATCH: Strange Exchange; Blurred Lines; Reporter I.D.

March 31, 2017

On this week’s edition of meet the press, Adam Reilly (@reillyadam)—in for Emily Rooney—and the panel discuss whether the public can distinguish between news and opinion. That was the question highlighted by Ted Koppel in his now-viral interview with Sean Hannity. The CBS This Morning piece quickly drew rebuke from conservatives and the Fox commentator himself, who dedicated an entire monologue to criticizing Koppel.  Then the panel weighs in on a tense exchange between Sean Spicer and American Urban Radio Network White House Correspondent April Ryan. The back-and-forth drew a lot of buzz this week after Spicer told Ryan to stop shaking her head during his answer to a question she asked related to Russia. Finally, the panel discusses how far a reporter should go to identify oneself while working in the field.

Strange Exchange - Trump Spokesman Scolds African American Reporter

Blurred Lines - Can the Public Distinguish Between News and Opinion?

Reporter I.D. - How Far Should Journalists Go to Identify Themselves?

Rants & Raves - The panelists offer their rants and raves over some of what happened in the media world this past week

Joining Adam on the show are Dan Kennedy (@dankennedy_nu) of Northeastern University, WGBH’s Callie Crossley (@CallieCrossley), WBZ’s Jon Keller (@kelleratlarge) and freelance journalist Joanna Weiss (@JoannaWeiss).

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