Pedro Martinez throws out the first pitch at Fenway Park.

Credit: Craig LeMoult / WGBH News

Ahead of Opening Day, A Look At The Red Sox's Upcoming Season

March 31, 2017

Monday, April 3 is opening day at Fenway Park and the Red Sox are slated to take on the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Alex Speier covers baseball for the Boston Globe. He spoke with host Barbara Howard about the Sox's upcoming season and whether fans can expect another playoff run, given the team's roster changes.
"Right now it looks a little bit less formidable than they planned on," Speier said. "The Red Sox have really changed their blueprint to be built around a big three of starters with David Price added to the mix, so a lot hinges on how well he comes back in May."
Speier added that though the American League East division is tough, the Red Sox's offense stands a good chance. 
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