Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy appears on Greater Boston.

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Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Says Undoing Clean Energy Regulations Isn't So Simple

March 30, 2017

Not so fast on reversing those clean energy regulations, President Trump.

Former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy told host Jim Braude Thursday that it would be difficult for Trump to follow through on his executive order rolling back the environmental regulations set under the Obama administration.

"We took about four years to write the clean power plan, which is one of the signature pieces which led to really strong domestic action and really brought the world together," she said. "You cannot eliminate a rule that's a public process, that takes a long time, with a clear record, with a stroke of a pen."

In general, the Clean Power Plan required a reduction in green house gas emissions until 2030, and McCarthy says many states are already achieving that goal—which McCarthy notes as another factor that will complicate the reversal process for the president.

"In this case, it's going to take convincing 70 percent of the American public things they don't believe anymore; that climate change isn't happening and that it isn't good for our environment and our kids to invest in," McCarthy said.

Watch the video above to see the entire interview with Gina McCarthy.


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