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Document: Suffolk Registry Rife With Problems

March 17, 2017

 A new report by the Massachusetts Trial Court is providing a clearer picture of the troubled Suffolk Probate and Family Court.

Register Felix Arroyo, elected to the position in 2014, was suspended with pay last month.

The report depicts scenes of chaos, incompetence and disarray within the Probate and Family Court: bins full of unfiled cases scattered around the building; thousands of loose pages unprocessed; employees lacking basic knowledge of routine procedures; and lines stretching two hours long. The court handles sensitive matters like adoptions and divorces.

But multiple attorneys told WGBH News that the problems go beyond Arroyo's leadership, noting that a lack of judges specializing in probate cases in particular means cases can drag on indefinitely. 

The report cited some progress at the court, but noted that problems continue. 

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