LISTEN: Boston Native Entrepreneur Remembers Mentor Ken Guscott

March 9, 2017

On Monday, Boston community leader and developer Kenneth Guscott died in a house fire in Milton. A proposed 25-story, $200 million tower in Roxbury's Dudley Square was Guscott's final project.


Entrepreneur Chip Greenidge considered Guscott a mentor. Greenidge, a Morehouse and Harvard graduate who is now pursuing his Ph.D, spoke with WGBH All Things Considered host Barbara Howard about who Guscott was and how he influenced him.


On Guscott as a mentor:


"Ken Guscott believed in young black people and he told us - many of my friends when we were younger - that we were leaders, and we were smart, and that don’t let no white man ever tell you different. He wanted us to know that we belonged here he wanted us to be part of the community and he wanted us to demand our respect and that’s one thing that Ken taught us as young people in Boston. To go in and play and be entrepreneurs and be smart and be wonderful at everything you do."

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