Healey testifies before the Legislature's budget committee.

Healey testifies before the Legislature's budget committee

Credit: Mike Deehan/WGBH News

Healey Warns Of 'New Threats' From DC And Beyond In Push For More Funding

March 9, 2017

Health care isn't the only area where Trump administration policies could greatly affect the Massachusetts state budget. On Thursday, state Attorney General Maura Healey asked lawmakers to increase her office's budget to help combat Trump.

"We're facing new threats to our safety, and the demands on our office really never have been greater," Healey testified before the Legislature's Ways and Means Committee.

Healey has been out front with other states' attorneys general in challenging Trump's executive orders in court.

"Changes from Washington have placed new demands on our office, she said in her testimony. "The new administration has announced its intent to step back from critical areas where we have historically worked together — whether that's in protecting consumers, the environment, enforcing wage and hour laws, even collecting taxes. That will mean stepped up and additional work on the part of my office."

Healey is asking for $3 million more than what Gov. Charlie Baker recommended. She cited additional work on opiate abuse, wage enforcement, and unexpected increases in rent as reasons her office needs the boost.

Before Healey appeared before lawmakers to make her pitch, she also hit up her political supporters. Healey fired off a fundraising plea Thursday morning for help funding her reelection campaign in 2018.
"Big oil and the NRA are fighting me in court, and our critics are working to attract candidates to run against me," Healey wrote. "I need your support before this quarter's critical deadline."

Healey's request is just one part of a $40 billion state budget that's also trying to balance inflating healthcare costs and lower than expected revenue growth.

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