Rep. Seth Moulton appears on Greater Boston.

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Rep. Seth Moulton Says He Won't Give Trump A Pass

February 23, 2017

Rep. Seth Moulton isn't shy about letting people know that he isn't a fan of President Trump.

Earlier this month, he tweeted "It's not that much to expect @POTUS to be loyal to our country. Yet every day he makes us question his loyalty to us and to our Constitution." When he joined Greater Boston Thursday, he was just as relentless. 

Moulton told host Jim Braude that Trump is "uniquely dangerous" and stressed the importance of all members of Congress – not just Democrats – speaking up and fighting back to defend the fundamental values of the nation.

"I wouldn't be saying this about a President Romney or a President McCain," he said. He added that he is willing to work with the president, but will stand firm in his beliefs.

Moulton has been lauded for his consistent resistance to the president, which started early on, during the campaign season. In an interview with The Boston Globe last March, Congressman Seth Moulton compared Trump's rise in popularity to the rise of Hitler. Shortly after the inauguration, he tweeted the following in response to Trump's controversial travel ban: 

Moulton also discussed his criticisms of U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis and new national security adviser Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster and recent controversies at congressional town halls. 

Watch the video above to see the entire interview with Rep. Moulton.

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