Mayor Marty Walsh appears on Greater Boston.

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Mayor Walsh Supports Making Massachusetts A Sanctuary State

February 23, 2017

President Trump doesn't scare Mayor Marty Walsh.

In an interview on Greater Boston Thursday, Walsh told host Jim Braude that he is willing to risk federal funding to maintain Boston's sanctuary city status.

"Boston's economy is a strong economy. We generate a lot of revenue, we generate a lot of federal tax revenue, we do a lot of research in our hospitals and in our universities, so there's a lot of stake if you start to cut back in the city of Boston," Walsh said.

Walsh went on to voice his support for the Beacon Hill bill that would make Massachusetts a sanctuary state — a bill that Gov. Baker opposes. 

"He makes his own decisions, I make my decisions," Walsh said. "I know that he's not happy with what's going on. The actions of this week aren't making his job or our job easy." 

Walsh also commented on gun control policies, such as President Trump's reversal of President Obama's executive order that required background checks for gun purchases, saying that he would resist any policies that would put more firearms in the hands of citizens who have not been cleared to have guns. He added a call for the Democratic party to focus on strengthening itself to empower grassroots movements concerning immigration, healthcare, and climate change.

Watch the video above to see the entire interview with the mayor.

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