One Month In

February 21, 2017

One month down – and at least 47 more to go for the Trump administration. These days, the White House is looking to focus more on policy and less on all the static. Despite some rocky times during the first month of the administration –  like the botched roll out of his travel ban and the sudden departure of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn – the president maintains everything is off to a good start. Now reports are indicating an attempt to shift focus to policy in the second month of his presidency. Today, immigration took center stage as the Department of Homeland Security released details of how it plans to crack down on undocumented and criminal immigrants. Included among the plans are directives to expand raids and the role of local enforcement, diminishing the role of sanctuary areas and deporting even those guilty of minor crimes. Other policy priorities in the coming months include tax reform and crafting an alternative to Obamacare. Jim Braude (@jimbraude) is joined by managing editor for U.S. News and World Report Lylah Alphonse (@WriteEditRepeat), Dante Ramos (@danteramos) –  editorial writer and editor of the Boston Globe's Ideas Section –  and Jessica Tocco (@a10associates) , a partner at Haynes and Associates who is active in republican politics and has consulted with Vice President Mike Pence. 

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