Even Beacon Hill is a hotbed of revolutionary fervor.

DeLeo And House Dems Pledge A Formal Trump Condemnation

February 15, 2017

State House Democrats may soon take up legislation rejecting some of the policies of President Donald Trump, House Speaker Robert DeLeo said Wednesday.

DeLeo told reporters the House will take some kind of action as a way to communicate to constituents that they disagree with the White House on women's health, immigration and a slew of other issues.

"If I got one message, they want to see action," DeLeo said.

DeLeo said that after meeting with the Democratic caucus, the House will pursue legislation, a resolution or a resolve as "a statement to our constituents that we hear their concerns."

"We don't agree with what's going on with the Trump administration and we here in Massachusetts – to the best of our power – are going to do something about it," DeLeo said.

There isn't much a state legislature can do to stop a president, but DeLeo says he is considering a bill that would stop Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson offer to Trump to use inmates to help build a border wall.

The Senate passed a resolution condemning Trump's immigration ban earlier this month.

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