WATCH: Reality TV; Virtually Questions; Oprah's New Role

February 3, 2017

Emily Rooney and her guests take up the following topics in this week’s edition of “Beat the Press”:  the reality TV influences now being seen in the White House under the Trump administration; the introduction of Skype in the White House briefing room; and the decision by “60 Minutes” to name Oprah Winfrey a special contributor.  The panel this week includes:  Dan Kennedy (@dankennedy_nu) of Northeastern University;  Josh Benton (@jbenton) of the Nieman Journalism Lab at Northeastern University; Callie Crossley (@calliecrossley) of WGBH News; and Jon Keller (@kelleratlarge) of WBZ news. 

Reality TV - President Trump Changes Status Quo

Virtually Questions - Reporters Skype During White House Briefing

New Role - Oprah to Join '60 Minutes'

Rants & Raves - The panelists offer their rants and raves over some of what happened in the media world this past week

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