Year In Review: Media Gets Trumped, Winners & Losers, Media Shakeup, Final Farewell

December 23, 2016

Emily Rooney hosts a special year end edition of Beat The Press. Guests will include: Dan Kennedy (@dankennedy_nu), Northeastern Professor and WGBH contributor; Callie Crossley (@CallieCrossley), host of "Under the Radar;" Adam Reilly (@reillyadam), WGBH News political reporter; and Joanna Weiss (@JoannaWeiss), former Boston Globe columnist. The group will discuss:   

Media Gets Trumped - How Donald Trump redefined the relationship between a candidate and the press

Winners & Losers -  The year's winners and losers in the media

Media Shakeup - How the media was shaken up in 2016, from NBC Boston to Gawker

Final Farewell - We remember some of the media personalities who passed this year

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