WATCH: Blacklisted Reporters; End of Clickbait?; And Nonprofits Fund Globe Critic

November 4, 2016

Political Partisans: They're a staple of cable TV -- paid political partisans and whose comments are so predictable you could script them in advance.  But now, as one of these pundits takes a very public fall from grace -- the practice is getting a second look.  Adam Reilly has the story.

Blacklisted Press - This campaign season the media has gone from observer – to target.  Donald Trump has made personal attacks against reporters and his supporters have been joining in.  Now, candidates in other races are following suit.

Nonprofits Fund Boston Globe Critic - The Boston Globe has announced an unusual revenue source to support its coverage of classical music – a group of nonprofits will help pay for the Globe’s coverage.

Bye, Clickbait!- OK admit it - you’ve clicked on one or two of them - those provocative pop-ups or sensationalized "sponsored content" at the bottom of the webpage. If you’ve clicked you know they are really advertisements - and now some publishers are thinking about doing away with them.
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